From Kalamaki we sailed directly to Aegina, the island where we intend leaving Apples for the winter.

A relatively benign crossing to a harbour where I’ve never before seen as much crossing of anchors. We were comfortably tied up when a jerk in a stink boat (power boat) decided to insert his 14′ wide vessel in the two feet available between us and the next boat.

First we knew of his existence was when his boat-servant walked past our cabin window – on our boat – in order to drag their boat in to tie up. Forget the stern corners which threatened to gouge our hull. And the ages-old custom of asking permission before boarding some else’s boat.

To make our annoyance complete, we had his and several other anchor chains tangled with ours when we left next day.

Don’t like Aegina harbour. Or the people who go there.

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