We entered the harbour and anchored where the little man, a sometime “harbour master” indicated we should tie up. I didn’t like where he put us; it was too close to some laid moorings which meant potential trouble.

A nice dinner with Ross & Helen and next day they’re off to the airport, with some tales to tell.

We filled up with water and made to depart. Oops. The anchor has caught a mooring chain. . I’m beginning to feel that, like with flying, if the pilot-in-command doesn’t like where he’s being put, he has the right to say “No, somewhere else, please”. This is what I should have done, and it cost us €50 to have a diver go down and release the anchor from the mooring chain. I have a suspicion the diver and “harbour master” have a little side business going on here.

Moral: next time, if I don’t like it, I’ll just go somewhere else.

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