Leeds & Liverpool Canal

colin on July 13th, 2015

Finally, we arrived in Leeds. If my calculations are correct, it’s 127 miles by canal from Liverpool. And quite a journey. Amazing to think that once upon a time, the canal system provided the latest in hi-tech travel to get people from one place to another, and we’ve done it in a few weeks of […]

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colin on July 10th, 2015

Yes, I love using old book titles for my posts. Not, on this occasion referring to the Belgian Congo, but to the stretch of canal between the Newlay flight and Leeds, where boaters are advised to make the journey in one go, without overnight stops. Why? Seems they have a problem with the “locals”. Probably […]

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colin on July 6th, 2015

We arrived at Skipton on a Friday afternoon and thought the place looked very attractive. Initially, we went past the town and on to a boatyard we had contacted to get some new batteries. We have two batteries powering the bowthruster in the front of the boat to make maneuvering easier. Try to imagine how […]

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colin on June 29th, 2015

Somehow we made it through more miles of the Leeds & Liverpool without experiencing too many more “adventures”, until we came to Burnley. I have a “divestment” property in Burnley and wanted to catch up with those in the area who are managing it, and to generally see how the market was faring, so we […]

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colin on June 21st, 2015

So we continue out of Wigan on the Leeds & Liverpool canal, 127 miles of it. About 110 miles to Leeds. First bit of fun is the 21 locks climbing the hill from Wigan. Double-width locks, some in a poor state of repair, and most of them slow to fill and slow to empty. About […]

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colin on June 9th, 2015

I just had to use the name. It comes, of course, from the novel by George Orwell and is a fairly well-known book in left-wing circles. Which may be why I haven’t read it. If Orwell could see the place now… Wigan is a fairly modern place and the pier is suffering from the local […]

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