In ancient times, Delos was the centre of the Greek world.

The birthplace, according to the stories, of Apollo and Artemis, two of their most important gods. Ancient Delos became rich on the offerings of pilgrims visiting Apollo’s birthplace, and was consequently the pre-eminent cultural centre of it’s time.

Occupied from about 3500BC, it reached it’s height around the 7th century BC. Delos even had it’s own Oracle. You know you’ve made it when you have your own Oracle, no? MySQL users, take note.

Later, a major player in the Delian League, which was actually a military alliance, it took part in wars against Persia and Sparta (Pelopponesian wars). Always wars. Don’t they get sick of it?

At some point in their history, one of the local despots decided that there was too much gold there to be ignored. And like the tax man, he cameth and tooketh away. Thieving bugger.

Eventually, because Delos took sides with Rome, Mithridates of Pontus attacked the island, killing about 20,000 Roman residents. Damn Pontians. A few years later it was attacked again by pirates.

The island fell into decline, and was eventually uninhabited for many years. Today it has about 14 full-time residents, there too make sure no-one steals any treasures.

The name Delos is often recognised these days because of another bunch of latter-day pirates, the crew of SV Delos. Not many people rate a free plug on my blog.

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  1. Kiwi dozzer says:

    All those years of pirate and roman attacks , the locals think it couldn’t get worse and a Aussie pirate turns up

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