Here’s a place I’ve long wanted to visit. The bucket list is taking a real pounding these days.

The best way to see the site is to enter from the uphill carpark and walk back down, three kilometers.

Some nice stuff at the top, and an interesting “main street”, or processional way, with fountains, residential and other structures leading down to the library, the best-known view of Ephesus.

The library is really something. It has a beautiful facade and with very little imagination you can easily see how it might have looked in antiquity. I’ve been told there’s a secret tunnel passing under the processional way from the library to the brothel on the other side of the street. The matrons of ancient Ephesus must have considered themselves so fortunate that their husbands spent so much time in the library improving their minds, when they might have been lechers like men in other cities. Lucky ladies.

Lovely place, go there if you get the chance.

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