Back we went to Fiskardo to get some supplies and we stayed overnight in a little bay next to Fiskardo’s. Again stern-tied, again to experience anxiety next morning when the wind came up too strongly. This time we simply re-anchored in the bay.

It’s not like we’re alone in experiencing this anchoring difficulty; lots of other boats are doing the same. Is it our inexperience? Are they all newbies too? Dunno, but it makes me wonder.

Ross & Helen gave the dinghy a good workout, exploring around the adjacent bays, even going back into Fiskardo. By the time the day was out, Ross was quite the expert. Safe to say he has more time in the dinghy than I have now!

From Fiskardo, we continued to Vathy again, where we had a lovely meal ashore.

Next day, on to Ag Eufimia, where Ross & Helen were to depart for the airport.

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