I stopped here on a motorhoming trip around Greece 30 years ago. Then again a year ago, I stopped here on another motorhoming trip around Greece. This time, on a sailboat.

An easy trip from Trizonia, and a brief frolic with some dolphins shortly before we made the harbour. Well, we frolicked, they sort of swam around, pretty much enjoying themselves while trying to ignore us.

Not much space, but we managed to back in to the quay and had a peaceful afternoon and night while tied up. Not much else here; did some shopping, bought some delicious grapes from a street vendor, filled up with water & fuel and had a very peaceful night.

Next morning we were away at first light. To our surprise and delight, no-one had crossed anchor chains with us during the last 12 hours. Amazing.

A long day ahead of us to Corinth, before transiting the canal for the Aegean side.

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  1. Sylvia Johnson says:

    The trip is sounding idyllic again! It will be nice to see some photos sometime.

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