What a week! We arrived in Marmaris over a week ago expecting to be on the ferry to Rhodes a day or two later.

We didn’t quite get it with winter timetables… the next vehicle ferry to Rhodes was on the 17th, nine days later. We thought about going across to Kos from Bodrum, but no, the ferry won’t take a motorhome 3 metres high.

Okay, so we wait. While we’re waiting, I’ll see if I can get a prescription for some Tramadol, which I use to ease the occasional pain I get from my gall-bladder condition. I used my last two tablets last night after enjoying a local restaurant meal a little too much. Doesn’t seem to be the fatty stuff it doesn’t like; just doesn’t like too much of it.

So after doing the rounds of several pharmacies we finish up at a hospital in the suburbs of Marmaris. The pharmacies said I definitely need a prescription, and the hospital staff say that they can give me a prescription after I’ve had an ultrasound.

So, I have an ultrasound. Fortunately, no babies. But yes, I do indeed have gall-stones, and by the way your gall-bladder is infected. Why don’t you have it out? The problem is solved, and we can do it tomorrow, if you like.

Wasn’t really expecting this. If I go on the waiting list for the op in the UK, I know I’ll be waiting at least six months, unless I can do a good impression of someone on death’s door. Same sort of story for Australia.

I suppose this is what they call a no-brainer. Okay, let’s do it. So next day, out comes my gall-bladder. The locals don’t seem to be big on pain-killers, so I complained a lot to a concerned Sandra afterwards. Finally, such pain-killers (Panadol) as they gave me kicked in (somewhat) after an hour or two and I managed to doze off for awhile.

Next day, although still some pain and a bit of bruising, they let me leave. Nice people they are; I am confident to recommend them for a professional and caring hospital visit anytime.

Got the okay from the Doc yesterday that all’s well and that I can now leave his care.

And so we find ourselves on the ferry to Rhodes, feeling a little sad to be leaving Turkey after five weeks here. We’ve really enjoyed the places and the people.

Naturally though, we’re not getting away scot-free. It took the waving hands and shouted advice of at least a dozen people to get us backed onto the very small ferry that does the run in winter. Finally made it, (could have done it myself without any of the advice), and the ferry chugs away.

Farewell Turkey, hello Rhodes.

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