You know the place. It’s the one with mineral water flowing down the hill from a hot spring and forming pools along the slope on the way down.

It’s interesting, but of course, the photos you’ve seen were taken by a pro, and showed the place at it’s best.

Those who manage the place have cut channels into the formation so that pools will form in places they want them to. Which is okay, but over time, and not too much time at that, the layout of the place will change. If I go back in a year or two, it will be different.

The rock has the feel of wet-or-dry sandpaper, and you’re required to climb the hill without shoes, so the effect is to give your feet a really good scrub by the time you get back to the carpark.

And there are large parts of the place which are off-limits to visitors; you’ll see several fun-police standing around watching, then blowing a whistle at someone who steps out of line, or otherwise has too much fun. Kids especially, like to swim in the ponds; the FP don’t like it.

Oodles of tour buses, even in the winter.

Worth a visit.

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