Another long day’s sailing, this time we used the wind.

All too often we find ourselves motoring around the place because there’s insufficient wind to make it worthwhile hoisting the sails.

Not today. It was a brisk (up to 8kts) sail almost due east to Patmos, one of the nicest islands we’ve visited so far.

We tied up alongside the wharf and went to find a car to hire. Here I found Dimitri, who speaks English well, and was born at Balmain Hospital in NSW. Small world. He was only 4 when his parents decided to de-emigrate back to Greece, and I think they may have got it right.

Visited the cave (which is now a church) where St John is alleged to have written the book of Revelations. Nice little cave; cool in summer, easily heated in winter, and a nice quiet spot to do a bit of inspired writing. And a great view of any yachts coming to visit.

Also a nice monastery/castle at the top of the hill which overlooks the bay, and the settlement in the harbour.

We liked it here, and could easily be persuaded to stay a lot longer.

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