The online forecast suggested strong winds while we were in Samos, so we opted to stay a day or two in the Samos Marina, near Pythagorion. A nice marina, friendly “inmates”, and not too expensive. As usual, the forecast lied, but after a few days the blow came.

Pythagorion is named after it’s most famous (past) resident of geometric fame: “The square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides”…. and yes, I have the T-shirt to prove it!

From anywhere in or near Pythagorion, if you look towards the east, you’ll see a big mountain less than 3 miles distant which is in Turkey. At one point the distance between the two countries is less than a mile; careful navigation is required.

We hired a car and drove all over the island; it took us a few hours. Found a nice little road on the north side with lots of beautiful deciduous trees. Quite unexpected for this climate, yet there they were.

Sandra was feeling very poorly with a persistent infection so we saw a doctor while there. She’s still not right, but I think she is on the mend.

We spent a night at the town quay in Pythagorion next to an Aussie Beneteau 45. They hail from Cleveland (Q) and spend three or more months each year in Greece, cruising around.

After our night in Pythagorion harbour, we continued on to Ormos Marathokampou, where there have been several new piers built to attract visiting yachties. Unfortunately, the design is such that not many yachts are able to use the harbour, so there’s a bit more EU money tossed away.

But it was pleasant there, and we got to speaking with other yachties…. we keep seeing the same boats around all the time. Not surprising, I suppose, there are only a limited number of harbours.

Finally escaped to Arkoi, with a brisk sail due south for about 20 miles.

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