After 9 days of fixing toilets, fixing leaks, and waiting for the thunderstorms to go away, we headed off again, to Trizonia.

At the end of the day we declared both the toilet and leaks problems solved. At least until Apples comes out of the water at the end of the season. So good to feel confident in the boat again.

Trizonia is a little island in the Gulf of Corinth which lies on the northern shore between Navpaktos and Galaxidi. From Messalonghi we went under the Rion-Antirrion bridge (spectacular) and past Navpaktos. We had intended to stop at Navpaktos, but with the delays we wanted to put some miles behind us.

Trizonia is beautiful. I nicknamed it “Treasure Island”, because a treasure it is. With a free harbour, half a dozen good restaurants and isolation from the mainland it has its’ own unique character. I felt like I could tie up at the quay and stay forever.

In the harbour – you’ll see it on Google Earth – is a half-sunk ketch, which they say has been there about five years. Nobody seems to know who owns it. Nobody seems in any hurry to remove it. It just sits there. A shame really, it was probably somebody’s pride and joy once, and now it’s a hulk. Derelict old ships make me so sad.

We discussed swallowing the anchor right here. We asked ourselves “Will we ever find such a lovely place, anywhere in the world?”. Probably not, we decided, but we had other committments and so we moved on.

It’s one of those places, though. We have to come back.

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  1. Sylvia Johnson says:

    Sounds like everything is squeaky clean including you! Your idyllic lifestyle just went down a notch reading about the “Head” Hope it stays good for a long time. I’ve just come back from whale watching at the Head of Bight – terrific!

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