After Gallipoli, we crossed over by ferry to Canakkale on the other side of the Dardanelles and made our way to Troy.

Not the best preserved ancient site around, but very interesting for what it is, rather than how pretty it is. This is one of those places of legend. We’ve all heard of it…. wasn’t it Paris who stole Helen from Agamemnon and caused a whole lot of trouble? (Women will do that all the time). So after a 10 year seige they left a big wooden horse as a gift to the defenders, trying to con them into thinking that they’d quit. But no, the Greeks were smarter than that – con artists you might say, which is why every Greek male since that time is named “Con”. The wooden horse is still there too, in a remarkably good state of repair. Check the photos if you don’t believe me. It’s true!

One of the locals, a Turk, so not a Con, all but chased us around the village on his scooter in his frantic attempt to get us to stay at his campsite. Don’t know how, but he succeeded!

While leaving the Troy carpark we saw a motorhome arriving which we’d seen previously in Bulgaria. If you think we’ve done some travelling, this guy’s been everywhere. He started in Eastern China and has been all over SE Asia, Mongolia, Russia and most of Europe. Couldn’t get into Iraq or Iran, he said, They wouldn’t give him a isa.

Look out for those Cons!

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